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艺术 & 古董

Built for 艺术work

古董 & 美术 稳定的十大彩票网站 Solutions in Phoenix

稳定的十大彩票网站 & Freighters Phoenix is a highly respected service provider for entities or individuals in need of safe h和ling, packaging, 和 transporting of their art, 古董, 和 heirlooms. 艺术 galleries, auctioneers, collectors, 和 museums look to us to safely move their valuable 和 fragile items. Whether they will be transported across town or around the world, we have the expertise to safely crate 和 ship any type of item.

Services Tailored to Your Item’s Specific Needs

We start with a full assessment of the items including risk, 存储, 和 environmental factors such as climate, temperature 和 humidity, pickup conditions, mode of transport, 和 final destination requirements. All are factored into selecting the appropriate container 和 cushioning system for securing valuables during shipment.

美术 & 古董 Insurance Coverage

稳定的十大彩票网站 & Freighters provides expert packing services, which allows us to offer you coverage on original art, 玻璃, 和 古董 (for exclusions, 看到条款 & Conditions). Available insurance coverage for art 和 antique shipments includes:

  • Full Coverage Cargo – based on declared value
  • Limited Liability Insurance – for lost items only

Typically, if a customer elects to purchase our insurance coverage 和 a value is declared, 稳定的十大彩票网站 & Freighters will insure the item from the time of pickup, during the packing 和 crating process, 和 through to delivery.

You can trust us with your high-value, one-of-a-kind items including heirlooms, antique furniture, collectables, 和 memorabilia from pickup through delivery.

Our 美术 稳定的十大彩票网站 Services

稳定的十大彩票网站 & Freighters is a trusted resource for the safe h和ling, packaging, 和 transporting of fine art, 古董, 和 heirlooms.

Get a fast, free, no-obligation cost estimate from 稳定的十大彩票网站 & Freighters Phoenix.

Provide some information on your antique 和/or fine art shipping needs. We will promptly respond with a figure that can be incorporated into your planning efforts.

Arizona’s businesses can count on us for their crating & shipping needs, no matter where they are located. From Phoenix to Ch和ler, Scottsdale, 皮奥瑞亚, 坦佩, 台面, 图森, Casa Gr和e, 普莱斯考特, 塞多纳, 和 Flagstaff, we are here for you!